The Beauty of the Blank Sheet of Paper

It never fails. I’ll have a sheet of paper left over from a math test, or I’ll find a random blank piece of paper in my room. The urge comes like a fast approaching storm: use it for something immediately.

And I’ll stare at it for fifteen minutes, wondering, What on Earth can I use this for?

Usually I’ll end up not even using it. I’ll just put it away in my room for it to get dusty for a couple years.

But why? Why do I hesitate to use it?

A blank sheet of paper is beautiful.

And here’s why:

Blank paper has so much possibility. It’s a blank slate, an empty world. Who knows what it could become? It might turn into math homework, or the start of the next bestselling novel, or a grocery list, or even origami.

It can literally become anything.

And it gets even better. Because . . .

You are in control of what happens with this paper.

A blank piece of paper is a variable that you control. You are in charge of what it becomes.

And the possibilities of how you could use it are endless.

Sometimes, though, this makes us intimidated. I don’t know how many times I’ve sat in front of paper and thought, I want to write something, but it has to be perfect. I don’t want to mess this up.

But guess what?

The paper doesn’t care if you’re perfect. And while not starting might seem to prevent you from messing up, making mistakes is the first step to getting something just right.

So don’t let the daunting ideal of perfection stop you from writing something that (who knows?) could be life-changing.

Before you write, though, take a moment to appreciate the endless possibilities at your fingertips.


And, wow, that got kind of deep, especially for something partially written in Chemistry class. 😬

Write on!


Um, I really don’t know what to ask after this except: What do you think?


2 thoughts on “The Beauty of the Blank Sheet of Paper

    1. *squeals* I know, right? Laptops and iPads are great, but nothing beats paper. My bedroom cabinet is literally FILLED with papers that I’ve scribbled stuff on. (whoops)


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