Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Merry Christmas, everyone! I hope you all enjoyed yesterday and received some practical/cool gifts. (Personally, I got books, dark chocolate, and a Lord of the Rings t-shirt – score!)

I’ve always wondered about the people who are born on Christmas. How does that work for them? Do they get double presents, or Christmas gifts that double as birthday gifts?

There’s a comic I’ve seen that illustrates this perfectly. It goes something like this:

JESUS: [receives a gift from Mary]
MARY: This counts as your birthday present and Christmas present!

If you can get past the huge historical inaccuracy, it’s actually pretty funny.

Jesus was born on Christmas Day, the first Christmas Day, in a manger inside a stable, surrounded by animals. He was visited by wise men who gave him gold, frankincense, and myrrh.

And yet, the most amazing part of the Nativity story is not the gifts Jesus received, but this fact:

Jesus was born as a gift to us!

It’s just amazing, I think, that God would send down His only Son as a gift to us, to help us find Him again.

So this Christmas season, as you all relax and eat dark chocolate (well, that’s what I’ll be doing anyways), just take a moment and thank Jesus for being born two thousand and seventeen years ago, for us.


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