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National Warrior Cats Day! *Some Major Spoilers Alert*

Today is the end of August (thank goodness, one month of school down), but it is also . . . .


Everyone who’s read the series’ by Erin Hunter, today is a good day! (I’m not sure if this is official or not, but when I Googled it, this date came up.)

But it’s kind of hard to come up with stuff to do today, so I picked out a couple random things that you could do.

1. Pick out your favorite warrior cat!

.There are so many good ones I could pick for mine, but I love Leafpool (ThunderClan) and Echosong (SkyClan). I mean, the other cats are cool too, but those stand out to me (maybe I just like medicine cats).

2. Find out which Clan you belong to!

There are probably a billion quizzes on the Internet for this, but I found this one on Playbuzz. When I took it, I got StarClan. Honestly, I don’t know what to think of that. . . . . So am I dead???

3. Learn the next release date!

Darkest Night, the fourth book in the A Vision of Shadows series, comes out November 7th of this year (THE SAME DAY AS NIGHTFALL AND RENEGADES!!!! EEEEEEEEEE!!!)

4. Favorite and least favorite scenes ever? MAJOR SPOILERS!!! DO NOT READ IF YOU HAVEN’T READ OMEN OF THE STARS: THE LAST HOPE.

Favorite scene: The last fight scene in The Last Hope. Yes, I know, so many people died (Why, Firestar? Hollyleaf? Sorreltail? Everyone else?), but it was so cool to see the StarClan cats fight and Jayfeather and Half Moon see each other again! And we finally get to see Firestar and Tigerstar duke it out (though, admittedly, it didn’t last long).

Least favorite scene: I was cringing inwardly whenever Hollyleaf revealed that she, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather were half-Clan. I was like, so you went to all that trouble, killing Ashfur and everything, to hide this, and then you reveal it??? Why??? So pretty much there was no need for Ashfur to die?

Anyways, hope you enjoy National Warriors Day! May StarClan light your path!


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