Life Happenings

Solar Eclipse!


First, a book-related update: my friend introduced me to the Artemis Fowl series, and I am hooked! Excellent series.

Now back to the regular post.

Probably every single blogger under the sun (no pun intended) is talking about this event, but it only happens once every seven years, so I thought, might as well talk about what happened eclipse-wise where I live!

Our school gave out these solar eclipse glasses. If you saw the eclipse, you probably got them (apparently if you don’t, you have a high chance of permanent eye damage if you look at the sun, so . . .). It is impossible to see anything except the eclipse in them. Also, I realized that it’s a pain to wear glasses behind them, but if I don’t, the eclipse is blurry. . . . Rats.

We left class for about a half hour to watch the summit of the eclipse. Where we were, it wasn’t going to be total, only about 97%, but I figured that would still be cool to see.

So we sat (or lay – some people lay down in the grass), waiting for the eclipse, and it started to get noticeably cooler. Not by much, just by a few degrees.

Then we could see just a faint outline of the sun left. We all watched intently, waiting for the moment –

And then, right at the worst possible moment, a thick cloud blocked the sun and moon completely from view.

A huge groan came up from my classmates. Why at the worst possible moment?

After a couple minutes, the sun came out from the clouds, but the totality was over.

Fortunately, it will happen again in seven years, so hopefully I’ll see it again, but still.

Anyways, that’s all I have for today. Live long and prosper!


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