What’s Happening in 2017????

Hello, everyone! I know it’s February, but this is a list of things that are happening in 2017! Please note: these are the things I want to read/see. Hopefully there is no inappropriate stuff in this.

So . . . starting with anniversaries. . . .

  • February 12th – Keeper of the Lost Cities Fandom Day! – Hey, all KOTLC fans, now is the day to show the world your favorite book series! Write your team name on your hand, take a picture, and post it on social media. If you feel you have multiple teams. . . . Well, that’s up to you. ūüôā
  • March 25th – Anniversary of the Ring’s Demise!¬†– If you look at the timeline in the Appendix of The Return of the King, the Hobbit Calendar will have this day as the day that Gollum and the Ring fell into Mount Doom. (Note: the Hobbit Calendar had 30 days in every month, so dates might be off a little). Watch one of the movies today!
  • May 4th – National Star Wars Day!¬†– This is probably the most famous of all of these. May the Fourth be with you¬†and all that. Throw in a Star Wars pun or quote sometime on this day!
  • August 31st – National Warriors Day!¬†The Erin Hunter Community established this date for all the Warriors fans! Determine your favorite cat today (there are many; good luck)!
  • September 22nd – National Hobbit Day!¬†This isn’t exactly a national LOTR day, but you can still celebrate! Dress in green and yellow, work in your garden, and make sure to eat plenty and often!
  • October 2nd – Anniversary of KOTLC Book #1 release date*¬†– A fine day to celebrate! This isn’t official. . . . Read it today!
  • November 8th – Anniversary of Eragon’s release date¬†– Again, another great day! And again, not an official holiday. Put it on your reading list for the day!

Wow. I didn’t mean for there to be so many. Sorry for tedious reading!

Next: there are a lot of book releases¬†this year! Hopefully they’re all good. . . . I’ve included a short description of each book (or the series):

  • January 31st – Wire and Nerves, Book One, by Marissa Meyer! – Marissa is the author of the Lunar Chronicles, and this is a graphic novel about Iko, Cinder’s android! Appearances are made by most, if not all, of the Rampion’s crew. I plan to read this very soon!
  • February 7th – King’s Cage, Book Three, by Victoria Aveyard!¬†– Book #3 in the Red Queen series, this is still about Mare Barrow, a Red-blooded girl who somehow has Silver-blooded powers. I won’t give away anything else, for those who haven’t read it.
  • February 28th – The Width of the World, Book Three, by David Baldacci!¬†– Another third book, in the Vega Jane series, the main character is (obviously) Vega Jane, a unique character who wants to leave her ominous home of Wormwood.¬†
  • April 25th – Legion, Book Three, by Julie Kagawa!¬†– I guess this is the year of third books! I haven’t actually read Talon or Rogue, the first two books. However, they are on my reading list, and they involve dragons!

There are more of them, including a new book from Marie Lu, author of the Legend series, but these were the main four I saw and knew.

I also have three highlighted movies:

  • May 5th – Guardians of the Galaxy #2! – The first one was pretty good, if a bit violent (but aren’t all superhero movies these days?). They’re going to have to work hard to make this better than the first one, but knowing Marvel, they’ll succeed. Can’t wait to see this one!
  • June 30th – Despicable Me 3! – Do not be misled – counting Minions, this would be the fourth one. This time, Gru’s married, so this should be doubly interesting!
  • December 15th – Star Wars: The Last Jedi! – The next Star Wars movie!! It’s about time! Do they have to make us wait two years? Anyways, looks like it will be good!

Since I was curious, I looked up two movies that will not be released in 2017 but will be released later.

  • May 4th, 2018 (National Star Wars Day!!) – Avengers: Infinity War, Part One!¬†– I think that after this set of Avengers movies are done, Robert Downey Jr, may or may not return. Darn, he is a good Iron Man. Also, hopefully the rumors are true and Guardians of the Galaxy will play a prominent role.
  • 2020 (??) – Big Hero 6 (the sequel)!¬†– Producers aren’t entirely sure when this is coming out. I guess they’ll start filming after Guardians of the Galaxy 2, so it could be a while before this comes out. Hopefully they make it good!

Well, this blog post is rather lengthy, so I’ll stop here. Again, have a good 2017 (or what’s left of it)!

*Shannon Messenger has not yet released due date of KOTLC #6. I will include it in a blog post when possible!


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